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How do EMV Work?

you the EMV transition is broom the country and if you are a retail establishment now is the time to prepare these payment posters who the hell is embedded with a microchip equip a higher level of security than traditional magnetized stripe placards and help prevent counterfeit card fraud the latest EMV enabled pay terminals are available in Coweta short-range wireless Bluetooth and long-range wireless GPRS models to fit your business needs the vx520 countertop terminal is an all-in-one solution that offers an integrated PIN pad and printer and the ability to accept multiple payment kinds whether it’s a traditional magnetic stripe placard EMV chip card or a contactless fee kind such as a mobile purse let’s take a look at how to conduct sales business for each of these three different payment types to begin select sale expending the perform buttons on the side of the screen participate the amount of the deal and corroborate the amount is correct you may then proceed with the desired payment type to process a magnetized stripe transaction swipe the card press f1 for recognition or f2 for debit if the transaction is credit you may be caused to key in the last four digits of the card and press Enter if the transaction is debit the cardholder will be asked to enter their rod to process an EMV chip card busines the cardholder will position their chip poster into the terminal and left open implanted throughout the transaction the cardholder may then be required to enter their rod or sign for the event when prompted the customer may then remove their card from the terminal and return terminal to clerk to process a contactless busines such as a portable pocketbook the cardholder will maintain their device over the terminal presentation until it beeps the busines is available to continued either as a ascribe or debit busines voiding is employed when you need to cancel a transaction that has recently been processed the void must be managed before the settlement is at the end of the day to process a vacant begin by pressing the more button on the top sequence until you picture void press the F key beside void press f1 for yes to void the last transaction or no if you just wanted to do a search for the transaction press f1 for yes to confirm the void or f2 for no to cancel the void refunding a transaction enables you to return a portion or the part extent you billed the customer when a transaction has already been set and transport for funding to process a rebate press the more button on the top row until you meet refund if elicited key and the superintendent password and then key in the dollar amount to be payed press f1 for yes to confirm the dollar amount then swipe tap or put the card on which the amount is to be refunded