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Nurit 8020 GPRS Wireless Terminal Demo

we’re gonna go over simples of a Nuri 80/20 here’s the terminal itself comes with a phone line adapter these are strictly for used only for us for software loadings on the terminal itself you’ll probably never ever have to use it but it’s here in case that time does develop you’ll also come with a standard power cord which plugs into any regular wall jack on the bottom you’ll find three ports on the far left is the power port you’ll push it in there simply it’ll click on the front of the terminal and you’ll press the on/ off button formerly release it create account sail seems I’ll wait just a moment now do a test transaction you’ll swipe the card stripe side facing you beeps formerly asked you to enter in the amount for this we’re just going to do a simple penny deals we’ll press one for a penny hitting the dark-green participate buttons your shopkeeper message pas up address info transaction information relate prepares within two seconds that’s a pretty quick transaction purchase e-prints up is your merchant copy this is the one you side to the customer able to sign the bottom and that back to you on the breast screen it sounds tear slip press any key will stumble enter one more time the second receipt “re coming” this is for you to give it a customer their reproduce and that’s a simple busines there at the end you want to make sure you batch out you don’t need to do it more than formerly you just want to make sure you get your money we’ll press the blue function key over here formerly number two should be batch we’ll press number two and then we’ll touched the green participate twice let’s get a keg for the network processing sending appears across the screen and here comes our batch this is a batch report it gives people a breakdown of the total dollars processed and the number of deals and we’ll go over real quick how to laden load article in the machine on the breast of machine you’ll hear the blue paper paper holder will gather the front forward little exhaust you elevate it up and if this for instance you would be replacing paper you placed it in pull a little bit out simply close the door tear it off and you’re ready to go if you ever need to turn it off it’s a little bit slippery but easy you press the on/ off and the blue function key at the same time you’ll get an hourglass symbol and it will power down and that is the