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Pax S80 Tutorial

the terminal you see is the PAC’s s8 0 the functions on here are very simple and can all be found under the function key we will be going through the first option which would be a general auction as you find on the terminal it’ll say input amount recognition auction the only thing you need to do is enter the actual amount of the sale once the amount is entered reached the green register button it’ll give the option to insert tap swipe card or input chronicle in such cases we were doing a chip deal where we insert the microchip into the bottom of the machine until it clicks in if preprints and are sent to for authorization you were able to weeping the slip and wait and it will automatically etch the customer copy and you can remove the customers card as you find on this acknowledgment we have an item for gratuity pipeline which will allow us to adjust the tip-off after the fact which would be in certain business scenarios all of our alternatives should be accessed under the func key which is function so let’s get funky you have your alternatives now which you can cycle through abusing the up and down arrow to run your batch scrutinize experience a transaction or keep going down for more options as we initially operated a sale we will now run a return on the sale you could also thump the count nine to access that from the menu once highlighted punched the light-green recruit button if the terminal has a password on it you will punch in the password now if not it’ll access the menu once it recruited well actually which type of transaction you would be running a return on credit or currency this one will reach ascribe nature in the amount and hit enter then you will insert the microchip until it clicks and it’ll send off for license rends the first imitation and you can wait and it’ll automatically reproduce the customer copy and you can remove the card then you go back to the function menu for your next deal now we’ll be going to adjust a tip after a transaction was feed at the gathering key to access the options and smacked the up arrow until you consider gratuity menu or you were able to touched the corresponding count to access that once entered the function menu affected the dark-green recruit button formerly spotlit I find it easiest to go by transaction number which you can find on the receipt go down to number four punched open and I’ll ask for the busines number at the deal numeral touched open it’ll draw out the event this is where you would substantiate if it was incorrect you could thump the scarlet nullify key to exit this is correct I’m hitting Enter and it’ll show you the options if there was a previous tip on the sale they would be here and then you would be allowed to adjust it with a new tip-off frequency now I’m gonna punch in the brand-new tip and touched enter and he’ll show us the tip-off quantity I’m confirming with penetrate or nullify if it was incorrect and then it gives you the new total enter one more time will allow you to go to the next transaction or you can hit cancel to exit the tip-off menu until you’re back to the main screen final deal would be settling your daylight you will reached the affair button again and you will go down to batch and affected enter once foreground and then hit enter on batch close but upload business and determine the appropriations for sheaths in the event that you need to avoid a transaction follow these steps affected the operate button to access the options menu scroll down until you have void spotlit and press the dark-green+ button if there is a password on the terminal it will ask for it now and you could enter it if not it’ll access the menu automatically you will select your fee type 1 for ascribe two for cash select recognition it’ll ask for the transaction count which can be found on the receipt I will press 1 then reached enter once the transaction is concluded it’ll show up here so you can verify this is the correct transaction if not you can hit cancel and go back otherwise smacked open it’ll ask you to void yes to proceed or offset for no there was a mistake that’ll send off authorization and the transaction is voided tear the transcript you can wait and we’ll automatically etch the customer copy in the event that a terminal modernize is needed the PAC’s s8 0 is equipped with a very useful tool all you have to do to update the credit card machine as long as it is connected to the internet is turn it off and turn it back on it’ll connect to the server and automatically update to turn off the PACs SAT you will hold down the ability button which is here newer versions are grey older editions are red as you see here all you do is hold it down until it shuts off and then hold it down until it turns back on in the boot process it’ll connect to the server and pull the update