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VX 680 Hardware Overview

Put the phone the way to pay welcome to the bear phone training academy this short video will provide you an overview on the brand-new vx 680 wireless terminal this terminal is in relation to our VX evolution product line and can be used as a countertop solution as well as an integrated design with our procure gateway processing solutions today we’re going to explain some things that you need to know in order to operate the VX 680 so let’s get started I’d like to start off by checking the inventory of our rig when you two are receive your VX 680 you want to make sure that everything is included in the box to include the VX 680 itself a receipt article roll a user manual as well as your power supply now let’s talk about the power supply for a second the V at 680 power supplies come in three different forms the primary power supply is a one-piece cable that includes the wall connector as well as the special connector for a V X 680 the second form comes in three different fragments the wall connector a power supply block along with a V X 680 special adapter the third form is a wall-mounted docking station this docking terminal is sold separately and is not only used to charge the battery but it’s also used to download any required programming onto the device now I want to show you how to connect the three article as well as the wall-mounted docking station first we’re going to talk about applying the power supply adapter do your standard power supply cable go the connection that connects to the wall and connect it to your power supply block once that’s connected you’ll make the receiving aspiration to that and that’s where you’re going to connect your power adapter plug that up go the receiving intent of that and on the bottom portion of the VX 680 you’ll see the special connector push it up and you’re ready to go now we’re going to demonstrate relate the wall-mounted docking station firstly take your standard power cable that connects to the wall take that connect it to your power supply block give the receiving extremity to that and instead of using the special adapter we’re going to go directly to the wall-mounted docking station on the back of the unit you’ll see where to connect the ability connect the dominance do your VX 680 and you’re ready to go power on the BX 680 device press and regard the green Enter key be advised that this may take a while if powered on for the first time and don’t be surprised at the terminal causes for revises will vary depending on your application ladens and configuration the viet 680 are also welcome to powered up merely by linking the power adapter plug in the influence and the design will automatically boot up now I’m going to show you how to power down the VX 680 terminal but there’s some things I want you to take note of the maneuver will not power down if it’s currently connected to a power supply and the battery is accusing it’ll too not power down if you simply disconnect it from the power supply to dominance down the VX 680 you’d have to disconnect the power cable and press and support the cherry-red X found in the bottom left hand corner of the keypad the unit will then be and begin the shutdown sequence loading the receipt paper is actually quite easy but it’s often done incorrectly there is only one acces to properly load the paper on a VX 680 terminal the paper compartment is found on the back of the VX 680 device to open the compartment you’ll need to pull the hook found at the top of the design open the compartment and place the acknowledgment article so that the paper feeds from the bottom of the roll towards the top of the device close the compartment and you’re ready to go the VX 680 has an LED light indication to indicate certain situations if it’s a solid green light then that means that the device is fully billed and you have receipt paper and you’re ready to start processing if you picture the LED light blink a yellow color then that means that the battery is billing on the VX 680 if you notice the lighting blinking on cherry-red color then that means that the terminal is out of receipt paper the VX 680 terminal gives a standard lithium ion rechargeable battery that connects to the back of the VX 680 measurement when you first get the device you want to make sure that it’s seated properly you’ll notice that there are two prongs on the top of the artillery seat them in and push down slightly you’ll hear a delightful sound made to ensure that battery is nice and secure here are some things to note a battery must be connected to the device in order to start making fees and you want to make sure that you charge the artillery for a minimum of six to eight hours prior to your first use and added artilleries can be purchased by request the VX 680 wireless terminal also has touchscreen abilities but how this feature is exerted is dependent on the programming of the machine the unit comes with an attached form is located at the very top of the human rights unit this stylus can be used to select most of your performs from the screen but you could just as readily use your finger as well now the screen is extremely sensitive and involves very little pressure constant overpressure could result in a damaged screen or incorrect calibration thanks for watching this overview on the BX 680 wireless terminal if you need additional information you can always visit us online at WWF uncom for added parts and supplements we recommend that you contact your provider or simply give us a call at you